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Do you have a camper or RV? You don't have to leave your RV exposed to the sun and the rain anymore. We have superior metal RV carports and camper carports. They are super cost effective and will provide years of protection for your RV / Camper. We have a standard 12' wide unit and a value priced 18' wide unit in the length you require. If you want to be have plenty of room around the camper and be able to open your slide outs, choose the VALUE 18' wide RV carport or the slightly larger 20' model as seen below.

Standard Rolled Corner RV Carport
20' wide x 41' long x 12' sides - 15'6" peak height.
2 extra 3' panels each side.
Heavy duty bracing package.

RV Carports can be built to order we offer gable ends and custom side openings. The extended gabled end has one extra 3' panel on the end wall. So you get a little more protection. The unit below has special extended gable ends and 1 extra panel each side. The camper was a stationed at a permanent camp ground and the owner wanted more protection for the roof. We built this unit on site around the camper. An extra fee was charged to build the metal carport over the camper. When we build over something it slows the job down because the crew must work around RV. Notice how one extra panel on a 12' side allows the owner to still see out the windows. The metal roof is also further away from the RV roof which helps to keep heat away.

Standard Rolled Corner RV Carport
18' wide x 46' long x 12' sides - 15'6" peak height.
1 extra 3' panel each side.
Heavy duty bracing package.
Extended gable on ends - 1 each end.

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We offer all sizes and three different style's of RV / Camper Carports. To continue reading about our styles go to RV Metal Carports

When it comes right down to it a $7500.00 / $15,000.00 or even a $50,000.00 RV/camper will ruin if left out in the weather. As time passes the rubber seals shrink, hot and cold cause expansion and contraction, the sun fades the paint, and rain and water will find a way in. They also flex and move when taken down the highway. The RV's thin roof is not as strong or as tough as a metal carport's roof. $3000.00 now for a RV carport can save you big time over the long run. Don't fall into the trap of ordering the unit after your camper starts leaking. GET YOUR RV A CARPORT NOW!

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Above: 24' wide x 40' long Vertical Roof Carport
12' leg with enclosed sideds
Rear Gable end
3' bracing package

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A question we are asked often about our RV Carports is:

Q: What surfaces can the RV carport be built on and how much wind can it take?
A: We can build it on concrete, gravel, dirt, practically any level surface you have. We put a lot of these unit's up in the mountains and in areas that are exposed to high winds. We can build them with up to 160 mph wind ratings.

Here are some tips that will improve your carport. The strongest frame we have is a 12 gauge frame. The best roof we offer is the Vertical Roof Steel Carport. Choose the vertical roof if you have heavy snows or high winds. It does cost more than the standard style RV carport. If you order the taller legs get the heavy duty bracing package. It will help to sure up the unit and make sure that it is solid. On dirt installs order the mobile home anchors or the concrete ground supports. Don't forget to get side panels for the carport. They add more strength and help to ties the sides together. Good luck with choosing your next RV / Camper Carport. Give us a call at 1-866-943-2264 for more questions or to order.

RV Carports
Standard Rolled Corner RV Carport
12' wide x 51' long x 10' sides - 13' peak height.
2 extra 3' panels each side.
Standard bracing package.

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