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  Frame Gauge: Close Front End of Building:
  Width - (Front & Back): Vertical  Front (Roof must be boxed):
  Length - (Sides): Close Back End of Building:  
  Wall Height: Vertical  Back (Roof must be boxed):
  Roof Style (S=Standard or B=Boxed Eave): Close Right Side of Building:  
  Vertical Roof - Boxed Eave Only: Vertical Right side (Roof must be boxed):
  Close Left Side of Building:  
  Copy of drawings for permit: Vertical Left  Side (Roof must be boxed):
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  Price Detail Zone 20 C2C  04/11  ar tx al tn ky ks mo ms ok la il    
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    Mobile Home Tie downs are extra.
    Approx 4/12 pitch.  
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  Base Building Dimensions  
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