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We buy and trade for used buildings. Your trade in building must be movable "12 x 30 or smaller" and be accessible to get to with a truck and trailer. Call us for more information. 770-943-2265

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Superior Buildings has been in business for over 35 years in Powder Springs, Georgia. We deliver buildings all over North Georgia and the greater Metro-Atlanta area. During this time we have sold many other brands of buildings along with our own brand of building. We have first hand knowledge of buildings. Some fall apart and others will last the long haul. We have specialized in moving buildings also during this time period. We have moved almost all brands of buildings. After a building sits and starts to age problems with the design and construction appear. Many older buildings can not be moved safely because they are falling apart. These buildings will need to be rebuilt in order to be moved.

In this article we are going to show pictures and give explanations. We will show you how our buildings our made and tell you what to watch out for.

A wood framed portable building is supported from the bottom and built up. The building sits on blocks which are placed on the ground. The frame is made of:

  1. Skids
  2. Floor Joists
  3. Plywood
  4. Wall Studs
  5. Roof Rafters or Joists

Each part of the building above serves a role in the frame system.

If any of the above parts are not correctly done, the building:

Leaks, UV (sun) damage, falling trees, and insects are the greatest long term threats to your building. Having a building that is constructed properly and installed correctly will help to minimize the above threats.

The frame of the building also serves to set the size so that the building can be portable. Many guys choose to build a home made building to save money. If you desire to have your home made building portable. Be careful of the size you make it. It is very easy to build a portable building to big to move on the road. Many men have called needing to have a building moved, that can only be moved by cutting the roof off. Keep the outside measurements as follows: 12' wide max including roof overhangs, 11'6"s tall max from bottom of skids to peak, 30' long max. Don't forget to put skids under the frame, going long ways, spaced 7' apart.

Skids and Floor Joist:


4 x 6 solid skids underneath view - 4 x 6 skids front view

In the above two photos you can see the solid 4" x 6" pressure treated skids we use on our aluminum portable buildings. If you look closely you will also see that the 2" x 6" floor joist are notched into the skid. This helps to lock the frame system together. You can also see the 2' x 6" painted pressure treated base band boards.


Other's nailed 2 x 6s - Notice the spilt in the skid.

This above company will tell you they have 4 x 6 skids. Really they nail together two 2 x 6's and call it a 4 x 6. When you are shopping for your portable building look carefully at the wood. You will not always be able to see the bottom side. Look for a split in the center of the skid on the front side to see what you are really getting.

Even more often you will see skids that are made with 4 x 4 lumber. These are not notched into the frame and most of the time they are barely nailed to the floor joist. They break easily when moved and can pull apart from the other frame work if not properly secured.



Bad floor.

This above photo is looking through an open door on a competitors building. This photo shows a 2 x 4 floor joist, 1/2" ply-wood floor, exposed edge, and non-painted band board. WE DO NOT USE 2 X 4 FLOOR JOIST IN OUR METAL BUILDINGS. Our 2 x 6 floor joist are 16" on center spacing, not 20" on center. Our band boards are pressure treated, painted and not covered by sheeting. This protects the edges of the sheeting over the long term. It places the metal a little higher which will help you avoid hitting it with a lawn mower or weed eater.

The above photo also shows their 1/2" plywood floor. It is not tongue and groove. They do not purline the plywood floors to seal the cracks from underneath. Over time as the wood dries the cracks open and up and you have BIG GAPS in your floor.

We use 3/4" tongue and groove flooring. No gaps, no cracks and its is strong. Our door edges are protected by metal.


Our floor and base boards

Wall Framing:

Typical framing on a normal wall in a house would include a 2 x 4 bottom plate, 2 x 4 wall stud and a 2 x 4 top plate. House framing has been proven to work and last. We follow that logic. We have seen other brands leave out the bottom plate and/or use 1 x 4s as a bottom plate and top plate.

Their's: 1 x 4 bottom plate and a modified top using no plate and a 1 x 4 above.

1 x 4 bottom plate - 1 x 4 top plate

Their's: Missing plate? The bottom plate helps to spread the wall and roof weight equally across the floor system. Our 2 x 4 bottom plate

No bottom plate - Our 2 x 4 bottom plate


Roof Joist:


2 x 4 roof joist

Roof rafters are used to support and hold the roof on. We use a ridge board just like when you build a house. It is proven to work and it is strong. A ridge board is a main beam that is in the dead top center of the roof. We have several styles that we use depending on the size and layout. Take a look at two of our designed buildings and then look above at a someone else's. You will immediately see the difference.


Double 2 x 6 ridge boards. - Our 2 x 6 roof rafters


Metal Siding:

Sometimes it is hard to put your finger on it. You know there is a difference but how do you explain it.

Ours then theirs:

Our metal siding - Their metal siding



The first door is framed with non-pressure treated wood, over time these doors give problems and will sag. They are not weather tight and bees and bugs can come right in. The second leading competitor door is their answer to a wide door that is self made. It consists of a tube frame, a piece of light weight backing, the buildings metal siding as the exterior, and a T-handle latch. These doors come in a 5' width. To fight door sag and span the 5' width they needed to cut the weight of the door to a minimum. The door handle is a T-latch. These parts are hard to find unless you go back to the source. Imagine what would happen if your door gets damaged and the siding style or color changes. A good hard jerk can sometimes be enough to yank the door right open. They will sell you a door like we use BUT it is an UPGRADE fee.

Wood framed door - Tube framed door with T latch


Our Doors:

Insulated mobile home style door - Insulated mobile home door

We offer insulated mobile home style doors in the following sizes:

  1. 36" single
  2. 42" single
  3. 48" single
  4. 60" single
  5. 60" double

We prefer the 60" double door over the single door. It is about $100.00 more expensive. Dead bolts can be special ordered for another $50.00. Our buildings come standard with a 42" single door. On most buildings we order the 48" door. We also offer three garage doors. I actually prefer the garage door over all the other doors. The garage doors are most expensive costing about another $150.00 over the double doors. The garage doors are easy to roll up they use a heavy duty spring to balance out the door and they do not swing in the wind when you leave them open.

The comparison information used here is from leading competitors in our area. We did not bother to include home made buildings or the built on-site units. Construction on these type buildings can be so poorly done that within 10 years the building needs to be replaced. We have buildings that have been sold by us almost 40 years ago still performing the job intended. This wraps up our portable buildings comparison page. Thanks for reading and let us know if you have any questions at 770-943-2265.

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