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Eagle Carports For Sale


Eagle Carports for Sale - We have a wide selection of standard carport sizes. We can make custom sized carports to meet your needs. This website is made just for you to be able to view and select your new eagle carport or metal building. To get started click on the home page link or our steel building link or click directly on the left menu.

Eagle carports for sale


Eagle carports main office is located in Cana, VA. Offices are also located in GA, TX, TN, PA, CA This allows Eagle Carports to serve the following states with low prices and quality carports and buildings:

  1. Alabama, AL
  2. Arkansas, AR
  3. California, CA
  4. Colorado, CO
  5. Georgia, GA
  6. Illinois, IL
  7. Indiana, IN
  8. Kansas, KS
  9. Kentucky, KY
  10. Louisiana, LA
  11. Mississippi, MS
  12. New Jersey, NJ
  13. New Mexico, NM
  14. New York, NY
  15. North Carolina, NC
  16. Ohio, OH
  17. Oklahoma, OK
  18. Pennsylvania, PN
  19. South Carolina, SC
  20. Tennessee, TN
  21. Texas, TX
  22. Virginia, VI

Ordering Eagle Carports and metal buildings has never been easier. Todays products are high quality and made to last. Offering a 20 year warranty and with a 30 day labor warranty to help protect you on your new purchase. Eagle Carports makes EVERY carport and building to order. This means that you get to select the width, length, height, color, bracing, and anchoring options. A good place to start learning about all the options on Eagle carports - Carports Information and on Eagle Buildings - Garage Information.

Eagle carports VA factory

Eagle carports attempts to have enough materials in stock at all times to prevent long waits. All Eagle Carports are custom per order. We bend, weld, cut and shape each building as the order is placed. No carports are just sitting in a box waiting on shipping. Typical lead times from the time your building is ordered till it is installed for you is about 4 to 5 weeks. In certain conditions it can be faster or longer. Check with us to get the current lead time.

Eagle carports come standard in a 14 gauge steel frame. We also have an upgraded 12 gauge steel frame which is thicker and stronger. All eagle carports are delivered in parts and built on your level location. We encourage you to spend a few minutes reviewing the information provided here. Thousands of hours have been spent to bring you the best information available on metal carports and buildings.

Or Call at 1-866-943-2264.

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