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Have you been searching for a new metal carport or building? TNT Carports has a full line of affordable metal carports and buildings that can fulfill your needs. All TNT carports are factory made then brought to your location and built on site. TNT carports offers free delivery and installation on all buildings 30' wide and smaller. On larger commercial style buildings a freight charge and or fork lift charge could be extra. All TNT carports and metal buildings are constructed of a heavy duty steel frame with steel sheeting for low maintenance and long life. Almost any size can be made. If you are looking for the most building for your buck check out the 18' wide by 21' long value garage.

TNT Carports is located in MT. Airy, N.C. and has shops spread out across the U.S. This allows TNT carports to service most of the country with quality buildings and carports. Since all units are custom made and delivered a 4 to 6 wait is about standard from the time you order the unit till it is built. If you need a carport or metal building fast let us know. We can help arrange a speedy order. This website has been designed with the user in mind. Almost any question you could have about ordering a new TNT carport or metal building is answered on this site. Here is a good place to start looking at metal buildings and carports.

We can be reached at 1-866-943-2264.

All TNT carports are built on site at your level location.

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Tnt carports uses state of the art manufacturing methods and machinery.

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