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Welcome to Superior Buildings and Carports, Inc. big metal building page. We reserved this section of our website for our bigger built on site metal buildings. Building information here is for 31' and larger free span buildings. This means that there are NO center support posts on these buildings. Our standard sizes run up to about 60' wide and as long as you need. We can build side walls up to 16' tall. We use factory made welded steel trusses to span the great widths. The trusses are made in two parts and bolted together in the center to make the desired span. These buildings are prefect for commercial shops and airplane hangers.

In order to install these buildings you will need either a concrete footing or a monolithic concrete slab. The trusses on these buildings are heavy and will apply enough weight that a dirt or gravel base will not work for the frame. The interior floor portion of the building may have dirt or gravel. The concrete footing should be wide enough for the truss to sit on which changes based on building width.

When selecting your buildings width keep in mind the width of the trusses. The metal buildings trusses will reduce the overall floor size of the interior of the building. You lose the width from each side wall.

These trusses are placed on a standard 10' wide center to center spacing and we also offer 8' wide center spacing or even tighter frame spacing. The trusses are heavy and we need a high lift forklift on site to help us build the building. The customer can provide the lift or we can bring a lift for an additional fee. Most of these type buildings are delivered by a tractor trailer truck and a freight fee is additional to the cost of the building. Please make sure that you have the ability for the truck to reach close to the building site. If this can not be done let us know in advance so that we can make a plan on delivery.

All roofing is installed vertically. All side and end wall paneling is installed vertically. We can build the side walls up to 16' tall. This will allow plenty of room for extra large doors. Many types of over sized doors are available from after market sources including Bi-Fold Doors, Rolling Doors, and Single Panel Hydraulic Doors. Side rolling doors can be made in almost any width.

We install barrel type roll up garage doors in the following sizes:

Metal building


The below photo shows openings in the roof for sky lights. We do not normally install skylights. Over time they tend to leak. If you would however like them let us know and we will see what we can do.

40 wide framing

University rolling cover for rain control.

The above building is a 50' wide by 50' long x 10' height one of kind unit. The building is being installed on steel rails so that the entire building can move. This was built for a South Carolina university program that used the building to control precise sunlight and rainfall for there AG program. If you look at the base of the building closely you will see concrete footings with steel rails on top of the footings.

Side entry metal building

Side entry metal building.


The below building is 50' wide x 136' long with 14' sides. The building was installed on very uneven concrete and required additional steel post extensions to be welded on to some of the bottoms of the trusses while on site. This is not normal and requires additional cost for the on-site welding. This job should give you an idea of the level of skill our crews have. Many contractors do not know how to install a building on an unleveled surface. We can do jobs where other will fail. All for a competitive price. Our buildings are very affordable compared to "red iron buildings". Give us a call at 1-866-943-2264 to price out your Superior engineered metal building.

50 x 136 x 14 metal building











40' wide x 50' long metal building. Can be built up to 60' wide.
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