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As you can see from the following picture's, Superior Buildings and Carports, Inc. offers a wide selection of attractive and affordable metal barns and farm buildings. We have made a simple information page for you to understand some metal barn basics.

Entry level metal barns with a center bay and 1 lean to (right/left side wing) start around $3500.00. Mid-sized metal barns fully enclosed (36' wide x 30' long x 15' high) are about $8,500.00. Our 48' wide x 40' long x 15' high enclosed metal barns are priced about $14,500.00 installed. If you are just looking for a large metal roof, our pole barn style roof in a 48' wide x 60' long x 17' high vertical roof runs about $14,000.00 installed plus tax. In order for the metal barn to look the best, you should provide a level area to build the barn on. This flat area can be a dirt floor, concrete floor, concrete footings, gravel or we can even build these on shipping containers.

Metal barns can have interior walls and we can custom frame door and window options. This is perfect for installing stall gates, feed bins, unobstructed walking areas and tack rooms. Our standard lean toos are limited to 12' wide. The center section can be made up to 30' wide. On our larger and more expensive truss style commercial buildings we can provide lean tos up to 16' wide with center sections up to 60' wide free span. Most customers require assistance when designing and pricing our metal Barns. You should come up with a budget or a size desired before calling.

You can reach us at 1-866-943-2264.

One of our most popular barns for the money is the 42' wide x 30' long barn. This barn has two 12' wide lean tos with an 18' wide free span center section. You can see more about this building at Supreme Metal Barn. The following barn and farm building pictures contain links to view the buildings in better detail.

Look below for extra pictures on barns that have labels - Extra Pics. Click on the link and scroll down for the photos.


Metal Barn

Classic Style Barn
> No Over Hang On Sides <


Horse barns

Standard A Frame Barn
> Over Hang On Sides <

B3 - Extra Pics

3 Bay Barn

A Frame Barn With Vertical Roof
> Our Favorite Deal<


Barn with 3 garage doors

Vertical Roof Barn w/
3 Garage Doors.

B5 - Extra Pics

Barn with 4 garage doors

Vertical Straight Roof Barn w/ 4 Garage Doors.


Enclosed center section barn with 2 lean tos

Straight Roof Barn with
2 Lean Tos.

B7 - Extra Pics

Barn with one lean to

18 x 21 Carport Center & Enclosed Lean To On Left Side.


Eagle Barn

***The Eagle Barn ***
Center Building with 2 Lean Tos.

B9 - Extra Pics

Garage with lean to and parking

Vertical Garage - Inner Dividing Wall, 1 Lean Too, & Vertical Roof.

B10 - Extra Pics

Barn roof covering three tractor trailer shipping containers.

44'W x 60'L x 12'H
** Steel Pole Barn **

B11 - Extra Pics

Farm building with 4 garage doors

4 Stall Vertical Roof Garage w/
Vertical Sides

B12 - Extra Pics

Hog Barn

A Frame Barn
Hog Barn

B13 - Extra Pics

Texas metal barn

Big Texas
Metal Barn


Farm barn with 4 stalls

24'W x 60'L x 9'H
4 Stall Building.

B15 - Extra pics

Lot Barn

Lot Barn w/ Vertical Roof &
Gable Ends.


Horse Barn

Vertical Roof Barn w/ Customer Supplied Windows & Doors


Steel Barn

Steel Barn with 45* corners on garage doors.

B18 - Extra Pics

Metal barn 18. 30' wide x 30' long barn.

30'W x 30'L x 12'H
$$$ Value Buster! $$$

B19 - Extra Pics

42 ft wide x 31 ft long Steel Barn

42'W x 31'L x 12'H
Storage Space / covered parking!

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Superior's Metal Barns have impressive standard features with good looks.

We also offer many additional options for an additional cost.

Keep in mind that taller barns, keep heat further away from your livestock. Darker metal colors are hotter in the summer sun. We can make custom window and vent openings for enclosed barns.

Q. How do you attach the lean too to the main building? Can I order a lean too and have you attach it to my existing building?

A: As shown below a steel nipple is welded to each post that supports the main roof. This allows us to attach the roof bows to the side of the post. This is done at the factory and must be ordered when you first order the main building. Attaching a lean to, to an existing building is not possible by us. Our crews do not carry welders to weld on the nipple. You can order a kit that will attach to your building if you will install it yourself. It is fairly easy to install but you will need to have a onsite welder to put on the nipples. If you want to order the kit measure the spacing between your existing posts that hold up your existing roof and count how many posts you have. Then give us a call and we will price out your lean to kit.

Factory welded steel nipple.


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