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Our Metal carports are custom made to order. Superior metal carports come in almost any size you want and in three different styles. You have most likely seen one of our carports around town. We have the Regular Style (rolled corner carport), Boxed style (A-Frame or Gable type look) and the Boxed Vertical Roof carport (Gable look with roofing installed, like its done on a house, which helps keep items off roof and drains water straight off the sides).

Our Metal Carport Styles


Standard Carports


Boxed / A Frame
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Boxed / Vertical Roof
Steel Carport

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Standard Style Side Entry Metal Carports.
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Your metal carport is built according to how it is ordered. This means that we can build your carport custom to cover your boat, RV, track loader, old camper, new camper, tractor-trailer, or even a bus. We can build our carports with sides heights up to 14'. We offer 16' side on our commercial metal carports that are 31' or wider. Look at our Steel Buildings page to see those.

All Metal Carports come with standard 29 gauge metal sheet roofing. The frame is a standard 2.5" x 2.5" square, 14 gauge tubing. We have a 12 gauge 2.25" x 2.25" upgrade option available. It is not too much extra money so be sure to check it out.

Carports can be turned into enclosed metal garages or into a partially enclosed unit. Many RV owners get extra panels on the sides to help bring the roof closer to the ground when extra leg height is ordered. We have a page just for motor home, travel trailer, and RV type carports.

All our carports are made out of steel not aluminum. All frames are galvanized to help stop rust. All metal roofing is painted on the outside to one of our standard 13 roof colors. The inside part of the metal roofing is painted in a light color like white.

Superior offers two types of carports in our 3 designs. We have Certified and Uncertified metal carports. In certain states we only sell certified carports due to high winds and heavy snows.

If you need any of the following go ahead and order a certified unit.

If you are not sure about your local permit requirement just call and ask your local building permit office. Then ask what they require to allow you to get a permit. Most of the time they need a site plan which can be a simple sketch of where you are going to put the carport in your yard. The inspectors want to make sure your not going too put the garage to close to the property line, which is due to old fire code rules that dealt more with wood carports, which would burn. In order to get a permit they might want a set of engineered plans on the carport, if they do then a certified carport is made just for you. They should check to make sure that you don't put the metal carport on top of your septic tank or field lines. Most of the time your septic is not where you park your cars. Take a look at this page to see more information on Certified Carport Plans.

Metal RV Carport

Metal RV Carport

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Putting up a metal car port provides you with a peace of mind. They can help protect your items from hail, rain, snow, and the sun. They can extend the life of your paint job on your auto's. They also are very handy to have up when you are trying to get out of your car or truck in the rain. Keep that baby out of the weather!

Did you know that over time, the sun's rays will cause UV damage to your tires, paint and rubber seals? Keeping the UV rays off your items will slow the aging process greatly.

Did you know that pine straw and leaves when mixed with the acid in rain water can cause major paint damage to your vehicles? Keep that stuff off your items.

Hail can be a major factor in a customers choice to purchase a metal carport. Have you ever had a strong thunderstorm come through and not had anywhere other than under a tree to move your vehicles too? A simple 18 x 21 x 5 metal carport which starts at just $695.00*(depends on your state pricing) can give you a major sigh of relief. I know from personal experience that it can save you car. The durable metal roofing we use will take an average hail storm with no problem.

So don't wait. Get your metal carport ordered today.


Metal Carports: Questions and Answers

Q: Can you build a 12' wide metal carport on a spot that is 12' between two buildings?
A: We need enough room around the sides of the carport to allow a man with a drill to get in there and screw it together. 18" min each side. This is specially important if we are adding side panels.

Q: What extra fees can be charged to me?
A: Not many. We charge extra fees for re-delivery, special request work, leveling a building on an unleveled location and/or attaching a carport to a boat dock, wood deck, or steel container or other odd item,(you must provide us with either lag bolts or lag screws and the correct sized drill bit for special installs). Remember frame sizes are 2.25" or 2.5" so your bolts must be long enough to go through the frame and what ever item you want it attached to and still have threads to tighten it up. We also charge a "build over something fee" $125.00 fee for working over your camper or boat, it slows us down so move it out of the way if you can.

Q: What is the delivery fee?
A: In most cases it is in the price. If you live in a very remote area, we might ask for extra for fuel. Carports larger than 31' wide and over 40' long can incur a freight charge (some-times we need to use a tractor trailer to deliver the extra large units).

Q: Can my brother in-law and I combine two orders to get a better deal?
A: If the cost of the units is over $4000.00 maybe. Ask us when you know what you want to order.

Q: What is the number 1 complainant people have?
A: Late contractors. On most all orders they travel long distances on unfamiliar roads, in unknown traffic conditions and we guess 4 to 7 days prior about when they are going to be there. And we estimated how long the job before your's would take. We try to give you a window of when the sub-contractors will be there. Contractors do show up on time however they might be late or early. Let the scheduler know if you are traveling a long ways to meet them at the install location. All our sub-contractors do is build buildings, that is what the specialize in. They can do amazing work and they work hard long hours, sometimes if you are in the middle of no-where they will ask if it is OK to sleep in their work-truck at the job if it is stopped due to darkness or weather. If that is not OK just direct them to the nearest campground or motel.

Q: What is the average time of delivery of the metal carport after order?
A: 3 to 6 weeks sometimes faster. All units are custom made to our order. Nothing is just sitting around the plant. We cut the sheeting to length, bend and weld the frames to size and cut the legs to size per order. To look at some photos of one of our locations click on me -> Metal Carport Factory Photos.

Q: Does color affect the temperature of my metal carport?
A: Yes. The darker the color, the hotter it gets in sun light. You can fry an egg on a black carport on a hot day in the sun. Order light color's for a cooler building.

Q: Can I install the carport myself?
A: Yes. Q: Do I get a discount? A: 5% if requested at time of order.

Q: What size slab should I make for my carport?
A: Look at this How to Concrete Slab.

Q: What is the warranty?
A: Most metal carports come with a 30 day labor warranty. If you ordered a 12 gauge carport you get a 20 year rust through warranty *assuming normal user care and maintenance.

Q: I am ready to order my metal carport, what do I do now?
A: We take orders over the phone only, we only use the INTERNET to allow you to view pricing and get more information on our products. Call us to place your metal carport order at 770-943-2265.

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