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Concrete Driveways - Georgia


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In North Georgia, We offer concrete and asphalt removal and replacement services. From small repairs starting at $2000.00 and up, We remove and replace old damaged concrete or asphalt with fresh new concrete. Most driveways are damaged by over grown tree roots or soft spots under the driveway. We can remove and repair these type areas. We also can pour new sidewalks and concrete building pads.

Superior Buildings and Carports, preforms grading and leveling for new driveways and entrances. Part of building a good building is controlling the water runoff around the building. This is also an important part of installing a driveway correctly. The water that runs onto and off the driveway is important. We built a nice 2 car concrete parking pad for a garage a few years ago. The rest of the driveway was to be asphalt.

Our pad was installed next to the existing house, I showed up on scene about the time the "pavers" were getting ready to put it on the ground. I immediately noticed the driveway grade was wrong! This "big-name paver" did not even put one ounce of effort into the grading for the water run off around the house and garage, and he was about to charge $7,500 for a driveway that was sloped towards the house. The water from the new asphalt was going to go straight into the carport and into a low corner near the house which was a crawl space. This would have been a major problem with the only fix being to remove it all and redo it. After a small OK corral, the paver decided to grade the area correctly. 10 guys with hot asphalt had to wait while it happened. Boy did I get some looks.. Getting to witness that first hand, really made me realize, just because someone shows up to work and appears to be able to do there part, does not mean that you will get what you would expect common sense to provide. We attempt to insure that our customers get a quality job and we look for problems you might not even realize could surface after the job is completed, such as water runoff around your project.

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