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Carport Garages

Superior Buildings sells metal carports and carport garages. We provide high quality, low cost carport garages to almost any where in the continental United States. We custom design, build and install metal carport garages at super low prices. All carport garages are brought out to your location and built on site. Carport garages are erected quickly and will provide many years of protection. Most 12 gauge carport garages come with a 20 year factory warranty assuming normal user care and maintenance. All carport garages all made completely out of steel. They are strong and durable. Termites can not eat the carport garage and you don't need to worry about painting the carport garage each year. Go to metal garages to see more about carport garages.

We can also finish out your existing metal carport into a metal garage. Some people choose to order just a carport at first due to budget issues. Once they have the funds to finish out the carport, we can come back and finish out the carport into a garage.

carport-garages finished carport garage

We have some basic "rules" that your carport must meet in order to be turned into a garage. In order to make a carport a garage, we need to add sides panels, and the front and back walls. We can install garage doors, windows and walk-in doors.

  1. The carport must be made exactly like one of our three metal carport styles. WE DO NOT WORK ON OTHER STYLED CARPORT'S. Check our style's carefully to make sure your's is built the same way. Standard / A Frame / Vertical
  2. Your carport must have side post's at least 7' tall in order to have a garage door installed.
  3. Your carport must have been installed on a level area and the carport must still sit level. Carports that lean due to being installed on uneven ground are not able to be finished into a garage. We do not take the carport down to finish it out.
  4. We do not perform any on site welding. This means that we can not make custom welded side headers for a side entry garage door. If you want a side entry door, make sure and order the side opening header when you FIRST order your carport. They cost $200.00 each.
  5. We can not move or remove any post on your carport once the carport is up.
  6. We charge a min. $150.00 trip charge to come back out and finish the carport in later. Keep this fee in mind.

In order for us to price your carport and make an order we need the carport style and you will need to provide us the following information at the time of the quote when you call us at 1-866-943-2264.

  1. Width - this is the measurement across the open front and back end. (The open ended area with no post.) We need you to measure the distance from the outside corner to outside corner on both the front and back walls across the top and bottom.
  2. Length- this is the measurement of the rail that is installed on the ground that runs from front to back. Check the rail length each side and then measure higher up to from front to back to make sure it is the same measurement. A 25' long panel does not cover a 25'3" spacing.
  3. Height - this is the measurement of the side post that hold the carport up. Look for the seems at the top and bottom of the post. Check each post height. Write them down. Tell us the tallest post height and the shortest.
  4. Current installed options. If you already have some side panels or a gable end let us know.
  5. Options that you want. Garage door sizes, walk-in doors, windows, etc.
  6. A Picture - we need you to email us a picture or text message us a picture of your existing carport. We must verify what you have.

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