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Superior A Frame carports have an over hang on the sides. They give a more traditional type gable look and are slightly more expensive than our standard carports. All A Frame carports for sale include 6' side leg standard, 4 corner braces, 14 gauge frame, center snow braces, and 13 color choices. We can add gable ends, side panels, enclosed ends, 12 gauge frame and side entry openings as up grade options. You pick the width, height, and length also. All carports for sale are made of steel. The frame is galvanized, the roof panels are painted and run front to back or long ways. If you want a vertical roof look at our Vertical Roof Steel Carports, which is Superiors most expensive product. We take carport orders direct at 1-866-943-2264.

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Superiors A Frame carports come standard with basic concrete anchors for concrete install or steel rebar anchors for ground install. We offer mobile home anchors at an extra charge for carports installed in windy areas. We bring the carport out to your house and install it on your level area. All carports for sale include standard snow braces, 4 corner braces, and a heavy duty metal frame. All our carports for sale are priced reasonable and we can normally have a unit built and installed for a customer from within 4 to 6 weeks or sooner from the time of order.

All carports can be enclosed to make a metal carport garage, just make sure to order at least a 7' tall leg to have enough leg height for a garage door. We recommend side panels for all carports 9' or taller. Side panels will help keep the rain from blowing in and will help to keep the sun from weathering your items. Side panels come in 3' widths, so for a 9' side wall you would need 3 side panels to completely cover the side of your carport for sale. Side panels also increase the carports strength by tyeing the legs together. We also have heavy duty bracing packages for carports that are installed on dirt / ground or that are extra tall. For more information check out our page at carport information page.

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